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Moses Brings Yellowstone SO4 Wool Vest

Moses Brings Yellowstone SO4 Wool Vest
Moses Brings Yellowstone SO4 Wool Vest
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Moses Brings Yellowstone Season 4 Wool Vest

If you have been looking out for the winter attire that helps you outshine everyone else, don't look anywhere else! Moses Brings Yellowstone SO4 Coat will help you look extremely outstanding in the crowd. You can be yourself, look sophisticated and charming with this brilliant  winter costume. That's not all about this winter costume, it protects you from all the cold and environmental odds. With this winter costume,, comfort and warmth are all promised to you. What else do you require in winters more than a garment that not just ensures your warmth but beatific looks as well!

The inspiration to make this jacket is taken from the characters of Moses J from Yellowstone SO4. In the manufacture of this jacket two materials are being used, i.e cotton and wool. The inner side of this jacket has a viscose lining for giving your body a breathable feel.

MO Brings Plenty Wool Vest has V-shaped collars that end up giving you a beatific and sophisticated demeanor. Instead of having a zipper closure, this winter attire has buttons for its closure.


  • Tv Series: Yellowstone SO4
  • Inspired By: Moses J, Bring
  • Material: Wool & Cotton
  • Inner lining: Viscose
  • Collar: V-Collar
  • Front: Front Button Closure
  • Pockets: 2 pockets on the front 1 On Chest
  • Color: Black

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